Bay Area Women's Soccer League Lookin' for Playas

Posted Sun, Feb 27 by Craig from Alameda, CA in Leagues to Join / 12 replies

  • League Profile: Golden Gate Women's Soccer League

    If you love playing women's soccer, we'd love to have you

    The Golden Gate Women's Soccer League starts its Spring season March 5. There are still teams looking for players.

    Are you a red-hot player just out of college, a competitive player looking a more chill game or a rec player, we got you covered. The League has 54 teams, from rec to Premier in 6 Saturday divisions and 2 Sunday Over-35 divisions.

    Get your soccer groove on now! Contact us at today. Tell us a little about your soccer experience (how long played, strong position(s), etc.). We'll get you on the pitch in no time.

    Come kick it with us!

  • Ana replied Sun, Feb 27

    Where exactly do you play? And what age are you looking for?
  • Craig replied Sun, Feb 27


    Thanks for getting in touch.

    In the East Bay, our teams that practice hold them in Berkeley 7:00 - 900. The teams are in different divisions, so based on your experience we'll match you with a team and then let you know which night they practice. But if you have a night that you can't make a practice, we'll work to accommodate that.

    Our league is 18 and over, but we allow players who are 17 to join once they get a parental waiver signed.

    Let me know if you are still interested, and give me some details about your experience. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Ana replied Mon, Feb 28

    I only have Thursday- Sunday nights available. Well saturday and sunday afternoons too. I really want to play again. I miss soccer!
  • Ana replied Mon, Feb 28

    Been playing since I was 12 on and off. My strongest position is mid field and forward. I can play Saturday afternoons. I work in the morning.
  • Ana replied Mon, Feb 28

    I forgot age. I'm 24
  • Andrea replied Sat, Mar 5

    I would love to play. Got my boots and my Pele skills. Was wondering the age limit. I am 42 and grew up in the Valley playing soccer. Been back at it off and on, but would love to get on a team. I have hit up quite a few leagues already through this site, as I am new to it. Look forward to hearing from you.
  • Gayle replied Mon, Apr 11

    I'm 36 and looking to pick up some games if there is a need. I played in high school, have played a little since... but am a fast re-learner! Email me at Thanks!
  • Adriana replied Sun, Apr 30

    I am 18 and I have been looking for a soccer team to join. I have been playing since middle school and continued in high school making jv my freshmen year and varsity my other three years. I played centerback defense and right wing. I really want to start playing again.
  • Craig replied Sun, Apr 30


    You seem to be just the person we need you. We have an opening in Central defender. We only have a few games left in season, but looking long-term, we will forward to having you be with us for a while :-)

    We play in SF, and different times every Saturday. Our game next week is 9:00 at Crocker Amazon. We have jerseys, so you need are black shorts cleats and shinguards.

    The women on this team are pretty cool, very excepting of new players, look for commitments, and we love having people who love to play soccer. You can't go wrong. LOL

    Can you send your email address to ASAP. We need $26.04 your player pass, and will prorate the team fee is since we only have four games left. We have most of the summer off and in September we start our Fall season. Are you up for playing then as well?

    If you have any questions questions, ask away. Unfortunately we don't have practice weeknights.

    Let's get your paperwork done and get you set up for Saturday.

  • Mackenzie replied Wed, May 10

    Hi Craig. I feel like your season is probably already over. Do you continue to practice? I moved here for an internship for the summer and am coaching my old high school team in the fall. I played division one soccer and am looking to get some touches and get back into the swing of things. Let me know if you all practice regularly/have friendlies.

    Mackenzie (24)
  • Craig replied Wed, May 17


    You're right, our season is over. I coach a women's team called the Ninjas. We don't play most of the summer, but we have pre-season practice on Saturday mornings in August. Are you in San Francisco or the Bay Area in the fall?

  • Adriana replied Mon, Apr 9

    Hello my name is Adriana and I have been looking for a soccer team to join. I am 19 and I have played soccer in middle school and played varsity soccer all 4 years of high school. I play center back defender or a striker. Hopefully there is a team I am able to join.
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