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Posted Sat, Oct 22 by Dennis from San Jose, CA in Leagues to Join / 11 replies

  • League Profile: San Jose Tackle Football

    Tackle football pick up game in San Jose at Del Mar High School. The more players we get the more the game will grow until we can start forming teams. Come join for some fun and football with a friendly group of people.
  • Fred replied Sun, Oct 23

    510 3004180 me im down to play i play SS , RB , MB , outside LB and SFcall me plz FRED
  • Dennis replied Sun, Oct 23

    Alright we are playing this upcoming saturday, Join our meetup group http://www.meetup.com/Pick-Up-Tackle-Football-Game
  • Edward replied Thu, Jan 12

    I looked on the web site and saw the last time you guys played was january 9th.
    I live in san fran and am looking to play some football. I love tackle ball so this would be good. hit me with a response if you need another player.
  • Sean replied Tue, Jan 24

    Im interested in playing as well
  • Oscar A replied Sat, Jan 28

    Me too
  • Dennis replied Sun, Jan 29

    Hi all please go to http://www.meetup.com/Pick-Up-Tackle-Football-Game to join our meet up to find out game times and locations. Right now we play pick up, but as soon as we have more players we will start a league. Right now we about 14-18 players show up per game.

    We have a game this saturday, hope to see you there.
  • Tiana replied Mon, Oct 7

    Im down to play
  • Ruben replied Thu, Jan 15

    Im down play for WR
  • nazario replied Thu, Feb 19

    Im Down To Play RB ,QB, FS
  • Mo replied Fri, Feb 27

    is this still going on?
  • Foginho replied Thu, Apr 13

    In new to the game but don't mind roughing it up I need equipment 6ft 260lbs
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