Up for playing some Softball? Softball

Posted Tue, Jun 6 by Jessica from San Jose, CA in Players and Activity Partners / 6 replies

  • I'm looking for a Softball team and/or games. If anyone knows of any openings, let me know...
  • Juan replied Sat, Jul 1

    Same here. Please let us know. Thanks in advance
  • Lisa replied Mon, Jul 3

    I'm also looking. I live in San jose. If a few more people post interest, maybe we could become a team
  • Jackie replied Wed, Jul 12

    saaaaaaame! my 2 roommates are looking too, for a decently priced league
  • Jessica replied Wed, Jul 12

    Hi everyone,

    I noticed that there are co-ed softball chalk lines at Bakesto Park when I take my dogs in the mornings. I will try to see if I can swing by at night and see what's up.

    Also, I got this link sent to me, but the website doesn't mention summer league (only spring): http://www.bayareacommunitysports.com/

    Please, keep me posted if anyone finds a local league.

  • Juan replied Thu, Jul 13

    Does that mean you are making your own team? count me in :)
  • Jessica replied Fri, Jul 14

    I did look into the Bakesto Park league and they already started, unfortunately, so no forming a team this season. Here is their website for the future, if anyone is interested:

    I actually hurt my rotator cuff throwing pop-fly's to my husband, so I think I'm now on the only-if-you-need-me-to-play-first-and-don't-expect-me-to-throw list for now. :( :(
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