Sportsvite Events Upcoming games and events organized with Sportsvite en-us Softball Scrimmage/Batting Practice (Team Scrimmage: Peninsula Softball) 158526 Thu, 17 Aug 2017 21:00:28 -0700 We'll aim for McGarvey Field at the Red Morton Park complex in Redwood City. If it's already being used, we'll try adjacent Bechet Field as a 2nd option, Mitchell Field as a 3rd option, or Kiwanis Field as a 4th option. If all are being used, we'll meet at Kiwanis Field and discuss a possible alternate field to check out. We'll do a scrimmage game between ourselves, but if we don't have enough people for that, we can do batting practice instead. We'll start around 6pm and go until dark (probably about 90 minutes or so) All participants should be aware of the dangers of softball before participating.